The Jacque Schafer Trio

About the Trio Players.....

Laurie Boe Dee has been playing the guitar professionally more than 30 years, teaching more than 1,600 students.  She has written and performed guitar arrange-
ments on several recordings, including the Jacque Schafer Trio, by Austin musicians and collaborated on numerous creative projects.
 Ms. Boe Dee began writing songs and playing the guitar when she was 9 years old.  As a teenager she was mentored by the late Lee W. Fiser of Denver, Colorado, who worked intensively with creative writers and aspiring vocalists.  Ms.  Boe Dee incorporates these techniques in her own Austin Studio Teaching format.
 In Texas, Laurie has performed at SXSW, The Houston Astrohall, Zikler Hillside Theatre, The International Women's Day Concerts, The Cactus Cafe, weddings and other events.  As a vocalist she had the experience of being in a gospel choir and backing such gospel greats as John P. Kee, Shirley Caeser and Yolanda Adams.  She participated in "The Gospel Workshop of America" in Chicago, which released a live CD.

Ms. Boe Dee was honored to join the faculty of the Armstrong Community Music School, a branch of the Austin Lyric Opera, and contiues to be a faculty-at-large liaison.

Presently, Laurie has her own studio in northwest Austin
, teaching guitar, bass, voice and using her experience to encourage and  train young aspiring students. She is the director and lead guitarist for the comedy/rock band, "Miss Jones & The Furrballs" who  perform throughout Texas.


Kyle Clayton, an aerospace engineer by degree, our bassist, Kyle Clayton, is a musician by DNA.  Having begun playing "some sort of musical instrument"
since he was six years old, Kyle spent younger years on the drums, piano and cello, all before he graduated from high school.

Since he was given a bass guitar on graduation, Kyle tells friends, "Musically I haven't really looked back."  Why the bass? "I've been enchanted with that low-end sound for a long time," he says, "and I have done my best to learn and play as many different types of grooves as I can."

Friends and fans agree.  Kyle can go from a classic standard jazz gig on an early-evening performance to Blue Grass later that night, a smooth, seamless transition for an accomplished musician who recognizes the basic position of the bass.  "The bass chair holds a lot of power, and I try to wield it wisely," he explains.  The groups Kyle plays with agree.

You'll find Kyle's electric bass backing Akina Adderley and the Vintage Playboys and his upright bass grooves with the intricate Bluegrass harmonics of The Lost Pines.  Both groups, Kyle says, "are fantastic and lots of fun to play bass in."

By day, Kyle manages the Violins, Etc. store on Burnet Road, Austin, Texas.
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